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Hey Bill, if it isn't so - say so. Tell us exactly when your cheating began. Oh yea, that's right, you said you will have no comment on this matter.

Sorry Mr. Belichick, but your silence speaks volumes. In fact, it is deafening.

As bad as Belichick's cheating is, that is not even the big story here. The more significant problem has been the NFL's response. The NFL's response has been so tepid and weak that it makes you wonder why they are afraid to dig more deeply. It calls into question the integrity of the game.

If there was an allegation that a college football coach was intentionally cheating; stealing signals from the other team; you can be sure there would be a full investigation.

The first question that would be asked; the first question anyone would ask is:

Speaking of which, there is a movie from 2014 (I think) called “Guess Who’s Back?” which features Hitler as its lead character. It’s a clear jab at any nationalists in Europe who dare to not cheer their own extinction, but the producers/director did such a good job writing the Hitler character that it was shocking. He came across very personable, likeable yet very confident and masculine. I mean, and I hate to say this because I know how it can be twisted, but I really, really like the Hitler character in that movie. The directors thought, I guess, that they were showing something dark about humanity, but in the end all I came away with was that he was literally mopping the floor with wimpy men while extolling things like strength, as well as providing a very compelling use of psychology and manipulation.

Untold truth steroids

untold truth steroids


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