The hodgetwins steroids

But as someone who works out daily in a southern Australian hardcore gym there is no doubt that he had some influence. He was seen as counter-metrosexual in an increasing sissified country and unlike other amateur bodybuilders and indeed pro bodybuilders his physique was seen as far more desirable than, say, Alexey Lesukov. Hence he certainly has credibility as being influential. With his more natural athletic build, Hollywood looks and darkish European appearance he had a far greater female following than all the Australian bodybuilders put together, or, even Melbourne-born actor Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame.

Finally, the life of a steroid-user is not as glamorous as it seems. Steroids are expensive and illegal. They can do jail time if caught, and there are a lot of ancillary drugs and supplements that must also be taken to minimize the damage to their organs or to keep certain hormones in normal ranges (ex: Nolvadex). Their bloodwork (hematocrit, cholesterol profile, etc.) and blood pressure is often atrocious. They battle with sleep apnea and fluctuating moods and sex-drives, and many have trouble performing simple daily task such as wiping their butts or washing their backs. Last, their caloric intake is much higher (and expensive), and it becomes a chore to meet calorie and protein requirements day in and day out. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

The hodgetwins steroids

the hodgetwins steroids


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