Steroid before and after

However, what about the assumption that people feel cheated or disappointed in some of their favorite bodybuilders taking steroids? Personally I have never really felt this way unless the person was lying about their regime. By all means, take whatever you want to bulk up but do not hide the fact that you do – saying that your workout is all natural when it clearly isn’t is just going to disappoint people and turn them against you when they try to follow in your footsteps and come up short. That being said, many of the most famous bodybuilders in the world have used steroids at one time or another and I am going to present a few of them below with some shocking but fascinating before and after pictures of steroids users .

Edward Norton claims that he worked out for three months and ate lots of protein to add the 30 pounds of muscle for the role. We don’t buy it. Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger, a close friend of Mr. Norton’s was concerned and had contacted him to ask if he was using anabolic steroids in his preparation for the the film.  American History X ‘s main character Derek Vineyard needed to be a jacked and menacing figure in order to be a terrifying nazi. And, let’s be honest,  if white supremacists all looked like the “before” picture up there, it’d be hard to take racism seriously.

Steroid before and after

steroid before and after


steroid before and aftersteroid before and aftersteroid before and aftersteroid before and aftersteroid before and after