Pros and cons of steroids for dogs

Doctors are on the front line of the problem of antibiotic resistance, working with hospitals and colleagues to reinforce or even re-write prescribing guidelines. In particular, there’s a strong movement to reduce the use of antibiotics in emergency rooms, where lack of patient information and history often makes antibiotics the default first-line drug of choice. Says Dr. Ostrowsky, “Research shows that over 50% of ER patients are prescribed inappropriate antibiotics for viral upper respiratory infections,” like the flu. One issue may be that too many people use emergency rooms for routine illnesses. That’s why many healthcare professionals are hopeful that the ongoing roll-out of the Affordable Care Act, which means more Americans will have insurance, will translate into fewer people using ER departments for non-emergency treatment.

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For several years I experience lower back pain, and after sitting for any length I had trouble straightening up and I was in pain. I also had a severe sore spot in the buttocks area. After xrays my doctor diagnosed it as arthritis in the lower spine and prescribed physical therapy. After a month or so of exercise & therapy the pain in the buttocks had gotten worse. I went back to the doctor who diagnosed it as tendonitis and gave me shot of cortisone in my butt. Lo and behold the pain disappeared and I now can get up out of a sitting position without being bent over and in pain. So it appears that my problem all along was tendonitis, rather than arthritis of the lower spine. Will it last, or should I return to therapy as he suggested.

Pros and cons of steroids for dogs

pros and cons of steroids for dogs


pros and cons of steroids for dogspros and cons of steroids for dogspros and cons of steroids for dogspros and cons of steroids for dogspros and cons of steroids for dogs