Powerline listeroid

JB Shah and I hatched the Compressor Idea around 2000? when the EPA first started threatening to take away our stationary exemption.. There’s certainly no patent on the idea 🙂
Do note.. there’s also no reason to go all the way to Canada, Air compressors are legal to import here, and Lovson has even made a video on how to convert them 🙂 Also remember…
Air Compressors are a cheaper import tarrif than diesel engines, and the EPA is not in that business yet. They’ll be catpuring cow farts before they get to air compressors.. we do not suggest you do a conversion before consulting them of course..

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Powerline listeroid

powerline listeroid


powerline listeroidpowerline listeroidpowerline listeroidpowerline listeroidpowerline listeroid