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My daughter is 3 and a half and was on oral pred for 3 months with few days without. She weaned gradually over christmas last year and has only had 3 short courses since. What her consultant was looking for most of all was that she was still growing ok. Luckily she was ok in this respect which was lucky. It seems it really does vary from child to child. Also, many put on weight due to the heightened appetite and with some it's hard to get them back to normal afterwards, but again my daughter is ok and has lost naturally all the extra weight she gained from being on the pred. The other thing is any signs of becoming diabetic. Watch for weeing more, esp at night, drastic increase in thirst etc. I think these are the main things but despite all that pred my poor daughter had to take, she escaped these effects. So lucky!

Orala steroider forum

orala steroider forum


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