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Reminds me of a Symmetra/Junkrat fic where Symmetra’s reactions are, in eventual order: 1. (From a distance ) who’s the new wiry guy? 2. (First face to face meeting) Holy shit, Holy shit this guy is a giant. 3. (After some more interactions and an accidental shower walk in scene) He’s actually pretty toned. 4. (Little later) Damnit I think he’s weird but he’s sexy as hell.
Which I honestly think is everyone’s reaction to him onve they find out his in-game height and actually look at his character model closely. If he cared at all Junkrat could probably actually turn himself into the single largest helping of eye candy aside from Hanzo, McCree and young Gengi.

I used to visit my great aunt who lived in the house around the corner from my grandfather's house. She loved peplums, swashbucklers, gladiator and bible movies. We'd watch them in easy chairs in the sun room in the afternoon, and she served strictly Fresca and crackers or nuts. Her stepson was a career navy man and kept a room upstairs but was rarely there. I don't think he ever married. She really admired him, he was so gorgeous in the pictures around the house, and she would take me to his room and practically tell me to sniff his underwear drawer and old Annapolis football jersey.

Mr beefcake steroids

mr beefcake steroids


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