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In 2006, De La Hoya authorized a children's picture book titled Super Oscar [51] published by Simon & Schuster and released in his name. The book was written by noted children's author Mark Shulman and illustrated by children's illustrator Lisa Kopelke. The book tells the story of young Oscar as a daydreamer, who uses his great physical ability to prepare an elaborate picnic for his entire neighborhood in just fifteen minutes. Written in English and Spanish, the book received unanimously positive reviews from the publishing review journals. Super Oscar was selected as the winner of the 2007 Latino Book Awards Best Bilingual Children's Picture Book of the year. [52]

Regardless of all this, conservatives/Republicans would be smart not to use this example every again. Yes Obama expanded this program significantly. It was rather steady during the Clinton/Bush years, but expanded significantly under Obama. Bush expanded the program (Lifeline) to include cell phones, as naturally they have become cheaper and cheaper and land lines more and more rare. There were less than 7 million participants in 2008, there are nearly 14 million now. There were less than 4 million with Clinton took office. This is at a cost of about $-$4/month on our phone bills. Not sure how much of their funding comes from taxes, but I think you can only get like $/month in subsidies + a free phone now (I believe/this may have just been a promotion by the provider, and not built into the Lifeline system as they use vendors to sign people up).

If you have read either of those books, thanks, hope you enjoyed it, and please consider writing an Amazon review; it’s never too late. (And thanks to those who have.) Doesn’t have to be long or even complimentary, if you didn’t like it. Although I would warn you to understand what it is you’re reading. My editor tells me I shouldn’t worry over bad reviews and normally I don’t. But one  Greenberg  reviewer complained because apparently he felt it wasn’t long enough and that it wasn’t a full biography. Sorry, but  caveat emptor:  The title clearly states this book covers just one season in his career. If you’re disappointed for that reason, then that’s on you.

La campanella on steroids

la campanella on steroids


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