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Davidson subsequently found a spot for Montgomery at The Lakehouse Recovery Center in Westlake Village near the Los Angeles/Ventura county line. The rehab facility is owned by a friend of Davidson’s and is located about half-a-mile from the lawyer’s $3 million residence on Lake Sherwood (which he shares with his wife and their two young sons). Davidson paid for Montgomery’s drug rehab and also gave her cash advances after she left the treatment facility. He categorized these outlays as “case-related costs.” Quinlan said the attorney was willing to shell out tens of thousands of dollars on Montgomery’s rehab and living expenses because, “Keith was sure that he was gonna win that case.”

One of America’s Sweethearts is battling a serious drug addiction- not hers, but her best friend’s. Through the years these two have been stuck to one another like white on rice and her fame rubbed off on her pal. They’ve been roomies, have worked together on set, and even launched a business venture together. But all that success has come with a price. After years of being sober, the less famous friend has fallen HARD off the wagon and our gal doesn’t know what to do. She’s hosted an intervention, hired an addiction specialist, and even threatened to end the friendship, but nothing seems to work. What’s a girl to do?

Kevin da hulk steroids

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