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We have biotinylated the terminal glycose of digoxin by reaction of the periodate-oxidized steroid with biotin hydrazide. A biotinylated product (BD-1) was formed which retained significant digoxin receptor (Na + /K + ATPase) binding activity. Sustained reaction resulted in a second biotinylated product (BD-2) which showed reduced receptor binding activity. The products were characterized by FAB mass spectroscopy and shown to be the mono- and dibiotinylated digoxin conjugates of the oxidized glycose moiety. These analogues may prove useful in determining the subcellular site of digoxin binding.

The clue to the story is that the crisis of 1929 brought everything that the opponents of Keynes had portrayed as ostensibly inevitable consequences of his proposals for the writing-off of debt and restoration of the national currency. The peoples did revolt finally and the same people who didn’t want to see the loss of their financial profits introduced fascism and Nazism, leading the world into the holocaust of the Second World War. The same will happen today if we allow the powers that seek the open dictatorship of finance capital to insist on servicing the debt and support the “strong euro”.

Grupp 1 steroid

grupp 1 steroid


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