Flu like symptoms after steroid injection

Spurred by the safety concerns that sank vaccination efforts during the 1976 swine flu scare (a scare caused by a very different generation of flu vaccine against a very different swine flu virus), federal officials have increased efforts to track the safety of the H1N1 swine flu vaccine. In addition to beefing up the CDC's and FDA's vaccine adverse-event surveillance system, health care organizations, academic medical centers, and the . military will be helping track vaccine safety. An advisory board made up of non-government advisors performs frequent reviews of the safety data.

I can tell you it will get better - I had my one year anniversary of remission yesterday but somethings you just don't forget. I would have treatments on Tuesday with the Taxol and 2 others that I can't think of now but by Thursday about 3:00 in the afternoon I felt awful. Would go to bed and stay there for about 3 days and then back up and running. And then dread the next round and on top of these treatments I had radiation every day for 8 weeks. I would certainly take the chemo over the radiation definitely!
I will tell you that I had a Blue Cross/Blue Shield rep check on me and she kept recommending American Ginseng - I refused because at the time I never was a fan of supplements or vitamins for that matter. But after a few months on nagging on me I finally asked my doctor and he didn't have a problem with it so off I started on it. It took a couple of weeks maybe for it to get settled in my system but I will never come off of it now. It is an energy booster of such but without the 'speed' effects. Take 2 1,000mg once a day - it was unbelievable for me! I am now on maintenance with Alimpta thru my port once every 3 weeks and still take the Ginseng. The girl told me it had to be America due to the processing but I once ran out and could not find American but found Canadian - figured it was close enough to America :} - didn't have any problems but highly recommend that you discuss with your doctor and see what his opinion is but I have been doing it now for 2 years and like I said would never come off of it now.
I wish you well and that all will be a good turn out for you. Keeping your faith and your love for yourself will help you thru this journey. Such a journey it is but you will come thru. Praying for you

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Flu like symptoms after steroid injection

flu like symptoms after steroid injection


flu like symptoms after steroid injectionflu like symptoms after steroid injectionflu like symptoms after steroid injectionflu like symptoms after steroid injectionflu like symptoms after steroid injection