Estrogen sensitive steroid cycle

DeeLB, your mother's tumor specimens are probably still available for testing.

After debulking surgery the tumor is preserved in formalin and then embedded in paraffin wax. In that form it is stable for many years. It is kept in storage in the Pathology department. These preserved specimens can be used for some types of tests but not others. They can easily be used to test for estrogen receptors or progesterone receptors. Usually all you have to do is ask her doctor to request that the Pathology Department do the test on the stored specimens.

In rodents, estrogens (which are locally aromatized from androgens in the brain) play an important role in psychosexual differentiation, for example, by masculinizing territorial behavior; [56] the same is not true in humans. [57] In humans, the masculinizing effects of prenatal androgens on behavior (and other tissues, with the possible exception of effects on bone) appear to act exclusively through the androgen receptor. [58] Consequently, the utility of rodent models for studying human psychosexual differentiation has been questioned. [59]

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Estrogen sensitive steroid cycle

estrogen sensitive steroid cycle


estrogen sensitive steroid cycleestrogen sensitive steroid cycleestrogen sensitive steroid cycleestrogen sensitive steroid cycleestrogen sensitive steroid cycle