Ecdysteroid biosynthesis

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Q. I read your review of creatine online and found it very informational. I am wondering if you can share some information about the recent body-building supplement Ecdy Bolin. I have been using it for a couple months (both with creatine and also without). It is promoted as has other benefits aside from muscle-building, such as nerve function. Anyway, I would like to know if you feel this supplement is a safe and a quality addition and how you feel about it in general. At the moment, I am not using creatine, only Ecdy Bolin.
   A. An internet search reveals Ecdy Bolin has 100 mg of ecdysterone. I have not seen any human studies with Ecdy Bolin or ecdysterone, so I have no opinion on this supplement at this time.

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Ecdysteroid biosynthesis

ecdysteroid biosynthesis


ecdysteroid biosynthesisecdysteroid biosynthesisecdysteroid biosynthesisecdysteroid biosynthesisecdysteroid biosynthesis