Corticosteroiden klasse 3

  • Room pressure differentials designed for containment (with monitoring and verification), with the main HPAPI-handling area at negative pressure to surrounding rooms
  • Airlocks and vestibules around manufacturing and laboratory spaces to provide gowning and degowning areas and proper pressure differentials
  • Restricted access to ensure that only the necessary trained employees enter the HPAPI-handling areas
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems designed for single-pass air—no return, with temperature, humidity, and particulate controls
  • Misting showers as part of degown and exit vestibules to rinse personal protective equipment (PPE) and gowning prior to removal
  • Filtration and capture of contaminants, with safe-change filters, both point source (within the isolator, ventilated enclosure) and the general HVAC exhaust system
  • Preventive maintenance and change-control procedures to ensure that equipment and systems continue to operate properly and according to design specifications.

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Corticosteroiden klasse 3

corticosteroiden klasse 3


corticosteroiden klasse 3corticosteroiden klasse 3corticosteroiden klasse 3corticosteroiden klasse 3corticosteroiden klasse 3