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Minor codes for the standard exceptions are prefaced by the VMCID assigned to OMG, defined as the unsigned long constant CORBA::OMGVMCID, which has the VMCID allocated to OMG occupying the high order 20 bits. The minor exception codes associated with the standard exceptions that are found in Table 3-13 on page 3-58 are or-ed with OMGVMCID to get the minor code value that is returned in the ex_body structure (see Section , “Standard Exception Definitions,” on page 3-52 and Section , “Standard Minor Exception Codes,” on page 3-58).

Although no one can tell the future, I will go out on a limb and say that the Division System will now be short lived. The Zone System is a much more highly developed system than that of the Division. Zones are used by the world in it's entirety and now finally is working it's way into the US. The Zone methodology allows the use of the Division way of thinking as well as that of the Zones. It does not (Repeat-does not) eliminate the Division rules. The two can work together. At present the National Electric Code segregates the two systems. My assumption would be that it is meant to lessen the confusion as the Zone System works it's way into our country.

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