Can steroid shots cause cancer

I have a suspicion, after reading many of your notes on injectable steroids, that I seem to have developed a type of “tendonitis” in my upper arms due to multiple elbow steroid injections. I have had 4 in my left elbow (worst arm) and 2 in my right, about 5yrs ago. I have been having this tendon problem for about one year now, and not one doctor can figure out what’s wrong. One actually said “it seems like tendonitis”, but no cause or cure was suggested. The steroid injections is the only common denominator here. The right arm is affected as well, but not nearly to the degree of the left (and I’m right handed, so maybe the strong arm is less affected, plus I only had 2 injections there). Is there hope for acute tendonitis in my bicep/tricep area?

I had a flu shot in 1993 (I do not know what kind) when I was in my late 30’s. About 10 days later I started having severe ringing and buzzing in my right ear. I woke up in the middle of the night with no hearing in that ear. I saw an ENT doc that same day and started on steroids. Had the MRI which was all clear. I lost 100% of the hearing in my right ear. All the nerves were also affected, so a hearing aid will not help. It took a long time to recover…both the physical and emotional. I will never take another flu shot, and I research carefully before any immunization. I discovered that the shingles shot can also cause hearing loss…
Many doctors have told me that it was not the flu shot that caused my SSNHL; however, I was not ill and nothing else could have caused it.

Can steroid shots cause cancer

can steroid shots cause cancer


can steroid shots cause cancercan steroid shots cause cancercan steroid shots cause cancercan steroid shots cause cancercan steroid shots cause cancer