Buy anapolon steroids

The course of Anapolon suits the best for professional athletes whose age is over 21 years and who have already completed many courses and know what their body's reaction to various anabolic steroids is. For beginners this preparation can become too strong and in such case it will be more appropriate to choose weaker drugs. Duration of Anapolon admission is six weeks. The optimal dosage for men whose weight is up to 100 kg is 50-100 mg per day. 150 mg is an extreme dose and is suitable for athletes weighing more than 100 kg. A higher dose does not improve the effect, but significantly increases the risk of side effects, so you shouldn’t think that abusing of Anapolon’s dosage will give you a better and faster result. In order to not cause harm to your health it is recommended to accurately adhere the dosage and use only the dosage that exactly correspond your weight.

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Buy anapolon steroids

buy anapolon steroids


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