Bruising on arms from steroids

This disorder is quite common in young women and has been known to be associated with Celiac disease. In people with thrombocytopenia or its more serious cousin,ITP, the immune system attacks and destroys the platelets responsible for blood clotting. Since the blood does not clot properly, people with this disorder bleed and bruise easily and may notice patches of red bruising on their arms, legs, and trunk. In the case of petechiae, medical attention should be sought immediately as this is indicative of heavy internal bleeding. If you often have nosebleeds, heavy menstrual periods, periods of extreme fatigue, and easy bruising, it could be ITP.

Bruising on the legs is not necessarily dangerous, but if you begin to notice bruises on the legs when you do not recall injuring yourself, then it can be a bit alarming. Since bruises often take a few days to appear, it can be easy to forget a minor incident that might have caused it. However, if these unexplained bruises begin to appear on the legs quite frequently, then there may be an underlying ailment that could be disrupting your circulation. This is especially concerning if your bruises take an especially long time to heal after they appear.

The exact amounts of albumin and each type of globulin are measured through a process called serum protein electrophoresis. This test separates the major proteins in the serum in an electric field to determine the relative concentration of each. Serum protein electrophoresis is a useful test for patients with liver disease because it provides several diagnostic clues. The Albumin/Globulin or A/G ratio describes the relationship between albumin and globulins. The normal ratio is or greater. For example, a patient's albumin is and the globulin is , the ratio is Although the A/G ratio may still be used, serum protein electrophoresis is now used to compare the amount of albumin with globulin.

Bruising on arms from steroids

bruising on arms from steroids


bruising on arms from steroidsbruising on arms from steroidsbruising on arms from steroidsbruising on arms from steroidsbruising on arms from steroids