Brassinosteroids signaling pathway

Apical root growth requires iterative processes of cell division, elongation and differentiation. Root apical meristem localised at the root tip harbours stem cells that divide asymmetrically and generate initial cells for all the cell types in the root. Fates of these initial cells are determined by positional signals that integrate both intrinsic and extrinsic cues. The quiescent centre maintains the stem cells and thereby sustains a constant supply of cells for root growth. Another important aspect of root growth regulation is to balance the rate of cell division and differentiation. The crosstalks between plant hormones auxin and cytokinins help to establish this balance. Gene regulatory networks that govern root meristem activities and growth have been discovered over the years in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana . This introductory article provides an overview of the organisation of the root meristem and the underlying regulatory mechanisms.

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Nowadays, Chory and her colleagues want to use everything they’ve learned about plant hormones and growth to create the ideal crops – stress- and pathogen-resistant perennials to help sustainably feed the predicted 10 billion people who will inhabit Earth by 2056. The idea arose last fall when Salk's president Elizabeth Blackburn convened a group to come up with initiatives to solve 21st-century problems, climate change among them. After the meeting, Chory rallied Noel and other Salk colleagues – HHMI Investigator Joe Ecker, Wolfgang Busch, and Law – for a huddle.

Brassinosteroids signaling pathway

brassinosteroids signaling pathway


brassinosteroids signaling pathwaybrassinosteroids signaling pathwaybrassinosteroids signaling pathwaybrassinosteroids signaling pathwaybrassinosteroids signaling pathway