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There are a lot of federations out there, IBFF, NABBA, NAC, WBFF, IFBB, WABBA, IBFA….....etc. Each federation will have their own set of rules regarding what they require of their athletes. You may find you like competing at contests affiliated with a particular federation more than another. Some federations’ contests are more prevalent in particular areas of the country or the world.

IBFF federation is officially registrated federation and it exists from the year of 2009.
It only consists of competitors and ex competitors and that is why its main and first obligation is to give competitors back their respect. Federations are created for competitors - not the other way around and that is what most of international associations has forgot.

In IBFF we don't have any sport related companies to support us or secret agenda that would bring us money. We are volunteers and fans of bodybuilding sport and we do our work for free. Fair judging is one of the main and most important goals and we can't say that about many other organizations.

More than 50 countries from all continents are members of IBFF and as long as you respect the rules and statute of IBFF that applies to everyone with no exceptions - membership is for free.
To organize competitions with fair judging and with all the respect that competitors deserve is basic rule of IBFF. Our athletes can compete in all federations and it never happens that they would be limited or punished for doing that. That is the basic right of every competitor.

The path to becoming a Pro is also a little different from federation to federation. If you have aspirations of becoming a pro, your goal would be to qualify and/or compete in shows that are awarding pro cards. What contests do you have to win to get a IBFF pro card?

In order to be an IBFF pro you need to earn a IBFF pro card, and in order to do that you need to win the IBFF international contests :

IBFF European Championship or IBFF Universe Championship or IBFF World Championship ( winners of categories : BB small, BB midle, BB tall, BB over 40 and winner of over all athletic-fitness ).

So when you become a professional Bodybuilder which means you have received a pro card from the IBFF then you have earned the right to compete in IBFF PRO competitions.

The IBFF is here to promote a healthy lifestyle and does not condone the use of performing enhancing substances.

Many sacrifices are involved in preparing for shows and they will make sure you leave any IBFF event feeling it was all worth it.


Bodybuilding srbija steroidi

bodybuilding srbija steroidi


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