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Bromazepam is commonly involved in drug overdoses. [48] A severe bromazepam benzodiazepine overdose may result in an alpha pattern coma type. [49] The toxicity of bromazepam in overdosage increases when combined with other CNS depressant drugs such as alcohol or sedative hypnotic drugs. [50] Bromazepam is the most common benzodiazepine involved in intentional overdoses in France . [51] Bromazepam has also been responsible for accidental poisonings in companion animals. A review of benzodiazepine poisonings in cats and dogs from 1991-1994 found bromazepam to be responsible for significantly more poisonings than any other benzodiazepine. [52]

In 2 placebo-controlled trials evaluating finasteride (5 mg daily for 7 years) or dutasteride ( mg daily for 4 years) for prevention of prostate cancer, overall occurrence of prostate cancer was reduced (due to reduction in lower-grade tumors) but incidence of high-grade tumors (Gleason score 8–10) was increased in men receiving finasteride or dutasteride. 1 22 29 d Not known whether detection bias (., drug-induced reduction in prostate volume might have aided biopsy detection) or study-related factors influenced results. 1 30 31

Since LDL is the major atherogeniclipoprotein, reduction of this lipoprotein would be expected to reduceatherosclerosis and therefore reducecardiovascular adverse effects. In addition to high LDL,presence of risk factors and CHD should qualify initiating drug therapy along with life style changing. Monotherapy has been shown to be effective in treating hyperlipidemia, but combination therapy may be required for a comprehensive approach. Currently, antihyperlipidemic drugs contain five major classes (Table 2) that include statins, fibric acid derivatives, bile acid binding resins, nicotinic acid derivatives and drugs that inhibit cholesterol absorption 20 .

Biomed pharma steroids

biomed pharma steroids


biomed pharma steroidsbiomed pharma steroids