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I’m an RN and an Amatuer BB. I can tell you that too much protein can indeed not only damage your kindneys, but can raise your blood sugar, your body fat comp. create more free radicals just to start. BUT, if your kidneys are healthy and you are active, even 2gms of protein per kilo of body weight is known to be safe and have no alteration of kidney function. The quality of protein, the timing, and variety are more important. Most importantly, remember to drink a lot more water when taking in more protein in a bulk cycle. Always check with you GP before starting anything new that could affect your health just to be safe. Poor kidney function can be insidious and not apparent for a long time. Stay strong all

not sure if you will still be answering quesitons. but i googled how to bulk up etc. My problem, well i have a lot, but a BIG BIG one is that i am a VERY VERY picky eater. I don’t eat any type of fruit, but apples, i don’ teat an vegeeiis but corn (i knwo that isn’t a vegitable, been told that all the time) and green beans. I don’t eat fish, or any nuts… etc.. i am a mean and potatoes kind of guy. if i try to eat the mentioned things, i actually get sick. not sure it is a mental thing, but it is waht it is. So can i somehow still ‘bulk’ up and gain big, (decent) size muscles?

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Bigger faster stronger steroid cow

bigger faster stronger steroid cow


bigger faster stronger steroid cowbigger faster stronger steroid cowbigger faster stronger steroid cowbigger faster stronger steroid cowbigger faster stronger steroid cow