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Originally the car was fitted with a 385 HP M3 M54B32 engine but Taavi and his team quickly decided that, how shall we say, more character was needed. So out came the straight-6 and in its place a BMW M60B40 V8 was dropped in. The V8 performed well but due to the hard use of professional drifting it ended up pretty tired half way through Taavi’s first season.   The V8 got ditched and another straight-6 followed, this time a suspect ex-drag motor based on a stroked M20B27, turbocharged to 800 HP – or so that is what was thought. Despite lots of mechanical issues with the new engine Taavi ended up winning his second drift championship in Estonia before the M20 threw a conrod through the block.

What makes Beast Mode Coaching so unique is that it offers everything members need and offers its products and services in an almost store-like system. Instead of offering programs that are filled with preset options, Chris Jones, the creator of Beast Mode Coaching, offers members the freedom to pick and choose what services and product they need. Then, once users have gotten through the program or product they purchased, they have to option to come back and purchase the next one. This flexibility is what makes Beast Mode Coaching such a lasting system.

Beast mode jones steroids

beast mode jones steroids


beast mode jones steroidsbeast mode jones steroidsbeast mode jones steroidsbeast mode jones steroidsbeast mode jones steroids